We have launched the People's Garden of Tulare County

to meet an increasing demand for community gardens throughout the region to help give access to fresh, local and sustainably grown produce and support a food system that uses less energy, supports the preservation of farmland, contributes fewer greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and provides access to healthy nutrition options for all residents. In addition, community and school gardens provide opportunities for physical activity and education, help people eat better and increase social interaction. 

The Tulare County Resource Conservation District (RCD) partners with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for this program, utilizing the framework of the USDA's nationwide People's Gardens program. NRCS staff consists of soil conservationists, agricultural engineers and native species experts who volunteer their assistance. They also provide trained and supervised Earth Team volunteers. Together, we offer, free of charge, a range of services and technical expertise to anyone wanting to launch or maintain a community garden, thus creating a unique foundation for community gardens to flourish as long-term sustainable, community resources.

  • Benefit the community

    by creating spaces for leisure or recreation for public use; provide a harvest to a local food bank, school or shelter as well as local neighborhoods; be a wildfire friendly landscape; or be a rain garden to absorb stormwater runoff and protect the soil from erosion. It also must be open to the public/schools.

  • Be a collaborative effort between volunteers

    neighbors or organizations within the community.

  • Incorporate sustainable gardening practices that nurture,

    maintain and protect the environment, such as capturing rainwater in barrels, composting and mulching, planting native species and encouraging beneficial insects that feed on destructive pests.

  • Education

    - have signage, tours, brochures, newspaper articles

We hold regular meetings

that are open to the public and our intent is to pool efforts, resources, contacts and expertise to assist public garden projects.

For additional information, please contact

Teri Van Huss, Project Manager


(559) 622-0378


(559) 901-2073

People's Gardens of Tulare County

 holds monthly informational meetings on the fourth Fridays in the NRCS Conference Room at 3530 W. Orchard Ct. in Visalia (just north of the Home Depot at Caldwell and Demaree).

Garden Documents

These are the current base agreements we use with community gardens.